Thursday, July 14, 2016

Bedtime I Spy

Bedtime "I Spy"

Hello there Moonlighters!  It's been a busy summer so far, but we're going to try to keep the posts coming!  We hope you've been finding ways to connect with your kids.  Tonight's activity is a simple one, but it can be done with a few twists to keep things interesting.

I Spy With My Little Eye


The basic idea is to find something in the room and give a clue to your partner so that they can guess what you're thinking of.  Many of us have played this game since we were kids, but when you're in a dark room, it can be extra challenging.

In the fading light


When there's still a little light left in the room, you can play the traditional way, using a color as the clue.  Example: I spy something yellow.  The child looks around until they find the yellow item you were thinking of.  Then you can switch and the child will "spy" something for you to find.  Variations might include spying things of a certain texture (rough/smooth), certain shapes (square/round), or things that start/end with a certain letter or sound.

In the darkness

When the room is completely dark, you can still play as above but it requires memory skills, rather than looking skills.  For example, if there was a penny on the nightstand, you might say, "I remember something shiny and round."  Or for a picture frame, "I remember something in the shape of a rectangle that is very smooth."

This might also be a good companion to one of our other Afraid of the Dark activities because it helps children remember what's in their rooms (and what's not!).

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoy this activity and that it helps you and your child connect before bed.  Please leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook and tell us about your experiences with this activity or anything else!

Happy spying and...mind the nap!