Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fingertip Letter Writing Activity

Fingertip Letter Writing Activity

Hello again!  Here's quick post to share a wonderful activity we just discovered on PBS Parents written by Jeff Bogle.  We've been trying it out with our kids for a few days now and they really love it.  It's a perfect quiet, thoughtful activity to connect with your child at bedtime.

Summary: While your child lies calmly in bed, try "writing" letters and numbers on their back with your finger and having them quietly call them out to you one at a time.  Then you can move on to writing words, sentences, math problems, etc.  It's a lot of fun and really helps to calm their minds and bodies before going to sleep.

Check out the entire article for all the details.

  1. Try drawing pictures and guessing what was drawn.
  2. Switch roles, and have the child write on the parent's back too.

If you have any suggestions for other activities for connecting with children at bedtime, let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

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