Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Celebrate Your Name

Celebrate Your Name

Hello again! Did you know that this week is International Celebrate Your Name Week and today is Unique Names Day?

Did you know... Before we selected "Moonlit Minds" as our name, we considered dozens of others, including: Bedtime Brain, Mindful Bedtime, Brain Before Bed, Think Before Bed, Moonlight Mind, Mind Under the Moon, Tucked in Thinking, Bedside Brain, Mighty Night, and Nite Nite Brain Bite!  It was so hard to choose, but in the end, we're really glad to be Moonlit Minds!

Tonight, let's celebrate our names and connect with our children before bed!

What's in a name?

Start by sharing and discussing what your and your child's names mean.  Use a site like this to find out!  You will also learn the country of origin too.  Don't forget to look up these names too:
  • Your spouse
  • Your child's sibling(s)
  • Your pet(s)
  • Other special people
  • Middle names
  • Last names 

Is your name tough to pronounce?  Give your child some strategies for how to say it right and how to teach others to say it right.  Teach them to be proud of their names and say it with pride!

Story of your name

Next, tell your child the story of how you chose his/her name.
  • What would it have been if they had been another gender?
  • Were there any other "runners-up"?
  • Was it easy to decide or was there a lot of debate?
  • Who chose it first?
  • Were they named after a family member?  If so, tell them the family story too!

If you know how you got your own name, share that too.

A rose by any other name...

Now for a little guessing game.  Think of a person and try to get your child to guess who.  There are lots of variations that all start with "I'm thinking of a person who..."
  • has the initials L.F.
  • has 2 L's and 2 I's in her name.
  • has a name which rhymes with "planet"
  • has a name which is a kind of flower

Or think of your own spin on the game.  Take turns guessing and have fun!

Share us with some names you know

We're so proud of the community we're starting to grow.  We love connecting with people who love to connect with their kids.  If you know someone who might enjoy Moonlit Minds, please send them a link or share us on Twitter or Facebook!  Have a great night and...mind the nap!

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