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Math Monster Story 2 - Feeding the Dragon

Math Monster Story 2 - Feeding the Dragon

Welcome back!  Tonight we're excited to bring you the next part in our Math Monster series.  And in honor of Appreciate a Dragon Day, today we'll meet Marvin's pet dragon named Digit!  (Honestly, we just discovered that there's really a "holiday" called that, so we're going to roll with it! :-)

And now, let the story begin!

If you'll recall, when we last left our new friend Marvin, the Math Monster, you had just dined with him and fell peacefully to sleep, but not before crossing the Sea of Learning and climbing to the top of Math Mountain- and not to mention solving some great math problems along the way!

Tap, tap tap.

There's someone tapping on the door, but you're soundly sleeping and don't stir.

Thud, thud, thud!

Now someone is banging on your door, but you're sleeping like a baby and still don't wake!

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

You're awake now, as Marvin is now jumping on your bed to wake you up!
"Time to wake up!" he shouts, grinning from ear to pointy ear.
"Why so early?" you ask with a raspy morning voice.
"Because we need to feed Digit!" Marvin replies, clearly excited.
"Who is Digit?" you start to ask, but before you even finish the question, Marvin has you by the hand, pulling you out the door.

You're running hand in hand, back down the hall and out the castle doors.  You run along the edge of the steep mountain pass with the early morning sun just peaking over the horizon.  Just when you think you can't run anymore, Marvin lurches to a stop at the entrance to a cave.  You're about to ask again who (or what) "Digit" is when Marvin puts his big green finger up to his big yellow lips and says, "Shhh, you don't want to scare him!  He doesn't know you yet.  There's no telling what he might do!"  Now you're getting a bit nervous, but for some reason you feel safe with Marvin.

"I'll go in first and let him know you're here," Marvin explains.

You mind is swirling with what could be in the cave, and after what seems like forever, he comes back out.

Ok, we can go in now," laughs Marvin, "but Digit needs to ask you some questions first."
"Wait, first tell me who Digit is," you demand with a hint of frustration in your voice.
"He's my pet dragon, of course!" giggles Marvin, clearly enjoying this.
"A dragon?  Really?  Is"
"Of course, silly," Marvin says confidently.  "Now go on in!"

You step tenderly into the cave and walk through a narrow passageway.  Then you step down, down, down some windy stairs and right into a massive underground room.  It's warmer and cozier than you expected, and right in the middle of the room sits a wonderfully friendly looking dragon next to an easel with some paper.

Marvin introduces you.  "This is Digit.  He's very friendly, but in order to really trust you, he's going to ask you some math questions first.
Then Digit, in a most unexpectedly silly voice says, "Well hello there!"  You have to stifle a giggle- it's just that silly!  "I'll give you some questions to get to know you.  Then once we know each other, you can feed me breakfast and we'll go outside and play, OK?"  You don't feel like you really have a choice, but you nod your head just the same.  [Parents: Digit asks these questions in just as silly of a voice!  Don't be shy, now!]

Warm-up: If you're 1 person and I'm 1 dragon and Marvin is 1 monster, how many of us are there now?

Jog: If dragons lay 5 eggs a year and I'm 3 years old, how many eggs have I laid so far?

Sprint: Dragons warm up their breakfasts by breathing fire onto their food. The fire is 2000 degrees and they wait to eat it until it is half as warm. How hot would the food be then?

Just For Fun: Dragon babies lose their teeth just like people (and Math Monsters). If I have 9 baby teeth now and I have lost 17 so far, how many baby teeth did I start with?

Digit pauses for a long time, considering your answers carefully.  Then suddenly he lights up and gives you a great big dragon smile!

"You love it too!" he shouts with glee.
"Love what?" you ask, confused.
"Math!  Math!  You love it too.  I'm so glad you came to visit us!"

You smile and nod.  You feel really glad you came.

You and Marvin help get Digit's breakfast ready and then stand waaaaaaaay back when he warms it up.  When he finishes breakfast you all head outside for a day filled with play and exciting adventures together.  You can't wait to find out what else awaits you in this mathemagical land!

The end...for now!

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Good night and...Mind the nap!


WU: 3
J:15, but it's a trick question because Digit is a boy dragon so he doesn't lay eggs!
S: 1000 degrees
JFF: 26 teeth

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