Thursday, January 7, 2016

Your Best Day Ever

Your Best Day Ever

Welcome back and happy new year!  We hope you had a great holiday season.   This time of year people like to think of ways to improve themselves through resolutions.  This got us thinking about how we love spending our time and what we want to do more (or less) of in the new year.  Reflecting on how you spend your time is a very mindful thing to do, and often you'll find you're grateful for many of the things you're already doing.  You may resolve to continue doing those things or maybe do them more often.  You may decide to stop doing some things you aren't enjoying.  And finally you may opt to start doing something you've never done before!

Tonight's activity is essentially describing your perfect day to each other.  Think about what you love doing, where you love doing it, and who you want to be with you.  Here are some of the areas we contemplated with our kids last night:

  • Where would you wake up?
  • What would be your favorite breakfast?
  • What's the first thing you do?
  • Who will you spend the day with?
  • Would you make an art project?
  • Where will you visit?
  • What will you eat for lunch?
  • What songs will you hear?
  • Will you dance?
  • What's your favorite outfit to wear?
  • Will you play with a pet?
  • What favorite toy or game would you play with?
  • Would you read a favorite book?
  • Would you go for a swim?
  • Would you get pushed on the swings?
  • Would you see you friends?  Make a new friend?
  • Where would you eat dinner?  What would you have?
  • A special treat for dessert?
  • Would you get to stay up late?
  • Would you sleep in your own bed?

We had a lot of fun adding more and more fun things into the day.  (It turned out to be a very long day!)  But the conversation was a lot of fun and filled with delight.  I would imagine it helped facilitate some very pleasant dreams too.  It also got us thinking about how we want to spend our time this year, since all our ideas couldn't really all fit into one day.

We hope you'll give this a try tonight with your child, and leave a comment here or on Twitter or Facebook with some ideas for your perfect day.  Have fun and...mind the nap!

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