Friday, June 23, 2017

Beds Are For Sleeping

Welcome back, Moonlighters!  Tonight we bring you another quiet, calming game that's perfect for connecting parents and kids before bed.

"Beds Are For Sleeping" is a simple word association game that's great for all ages.  It can be played a couple of different ways in order to change the difficulty level.

Bring it around full circle!
  1. Begin by saying phrase, for example, "Beds are for sleeping."  
  2. The next person says a new phrase that's related to the first, for example, "You sleep when you're tired."
  3. Take turns saying new phrases which are associated to the previous phrase.
  4. Finally, you both "win" when you can finally bring it "full circle" by connecting to your first phrase.

Let's see how this might happen in action!

"Beds are for sleeping."
"You sleep when you're tired."
"You get tired when you run."
"You run on a trail."
"Trails go through the woods."
"Woods are full of trees."
"Trees give us lumber."
"My bed is made of lumber."
And... "Beds are for sleeping!"

Another version of the game would be to use only single word "free association" to connect the ideas together, but still end by bringing it back to the beginning.  For example:

"Music" → "Instrument" → "Song" → "Lyrics" → "Words" → "Speech" → "President" → "News" → "Radio" → And... "Music!"

Have fun seeing how many words or phrases you can go before bring it it full circle!  And we'd love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below with some fun phrases you and your child used to play.  Also, you can always find us on Twitter or Facebook!

See you next time we come full circle, and...mind the nap!

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